Digital print

We provide services of small format digital print up to A3+ format (311x457 mm) one-sided or both-sided.

Digital print is conjoint function of computer and printing machine where all the data for print are at computer, while the print is done without using any print form.

 In addition to this, the advantages of digital print, in comparison with the classical offset print, specially refer to quality with greatest color palette, quickness (short period of production). 

Price, print of small and medium number of copies, make a particular advantage when printing with changeable data. 

Therefore, it could be said that digital print, with continuous improving, has its future because it enables contemporary way of business operating. 

At competitive prices, you can order with us print of memorandum sheets, business cards, greeting cards, invitations, diplomas, menus, flyers, various forms, labels etc. The print is done on papers of various weights (70-350 g/m²) and on various types of exclusive and textured papers. 

We also do the design and preparation for print.