In order to get your business premises more beautiful we can decorate your showroom as you wish. 

Print in high resolution on matt PVC foils of long durability and persistence


  • Smartly decorated shop windows are the best way to attract customers, regardless of the kind of facility – saloons, restaurants, automobile shops or shopping malls.
  • Draw the attention of customers by applying window graphics promoting products, informing on sales or announcing an important event.


Window graphics is widely used: from the small format for decorating a window to branding entire glass facades. The printed image can cover all the glass surfaces and prevents an observer to look into the interior of the facility, while the exterior is clearly visible through the rear side, with effect of tinted glass.


We have specially trained staff that can assemble the graphics at any place.

Materials for print:

  • ONE VISION foil – transparent in one direction
  • SANDBLASTED foil – gives effect of sandblasted glass and it is cut in required shape
  • PVC foil – opaque foil.